Monday, November 24, 2008


Who is the best and baddest dude in the movie world ? Here is a list i narrowed it down to . The guy that played Rambo and Rockie , Chuck , John (i do not have to aim my gun) Wayne , and Clint Eastwood . If you can think of anymore let me know who and why ( no super hero) . I can not say for sure who is # 1 but do not forget Rambo said " IT'S NOT WHAT MY COUNTRY CAN DO FOR ME , IT'S WHAT I CAN DO FOR MY COUNTRY" . Chuck is a pretty bad dude , he can do a spin kick and kick you in the back of your face . I would also like to write in a friend for the bad dude award that man would be the one ,the only , i will make you pee a little because i am that funny Phillip Darr . I do not think Phillip has been in any movies but i still would like to write him in .


Philip said...

I'm a BAD MAN!

Mike said...

If there was a fight between Chuck Norris and Philip, I believe Philip could take Chuck. I'm a Chuck fan but I would definately put my money on Philip! All Philip would have to do is give him "The Stare" and Chuck would turn tail and run.

Jeb said...

If Philip was in a movie would it be called "OHHH BOY"? I think Jet Li is a bad man but not as bad as Philip "I make you pee" Darr.