Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can not believe what i read

Please read Jebs comment on my blog from yesterday . Dude , you should change your name to Jill . I DO AGREE we should love our wives unconditional and i do . When a guy is trying to have a little fun you do Not leave a comment like that . I believe they are running a special on man cards @ Wal -Mart you better buy you two or ten . Ladies i was just having a little fun with Jana yesterday . Sorry so short but i still can not believe Jebs comment . Shelli has installed the fear of her in him . Sad Sad Sad Sad

God Bless , please help Jeb


Philip said...

Pray for Jeb...Jackie I almost thought you were going to ask Jeb to meet you at the Town Square at High Noon...Let us know if this transpires...Mike would you show up for that?

Mike said...

I'm usually eating around noon, but hey, I could always get a cheeseburger and fries from Sonic and watch! ha ha

We have a really pretty blue skirt that is issued by the Air Force if Nancy, er, I mean, Jeb, needs one I'm sure they would issue him one.
Just kidding Jeb, you know I love ya brother!

Jeb said...

Just when you think you know a guy and he calls you Jill. Also, offers you to buy man cards on sale and wally world. Please toon into Jeb's Words @ for up date news, weather, and oh sorry wrong channel. Go over to my blog for more words on this matter. Thanks.