Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Prayer

God , please have mercy on this country . I get tired of seeing all these different types of pro test . These same sex marriage pro test are growing more and more here in the Bible Belt and that saddens me . I pray father that you would touch these peoples lives in some way . I pray for our leaders of this country . I pray that you would give them wisdom . I pray for our soldiers and for the families of soldiers who died fighting for this country . I pray that people who say this country is in bad shape steps back and realizes when we started taking your name out is when things started going bad . I pray that you might use me in some way . I pray that you would be with me in my struggles and that i will stay true to your ever word . I pray that you keep your hand over my family . I pray for each and ever person in my Sunday School Class they all have been a blessing . I pray for those who are having problems with their jobs . I thank you for each and ever blessing and for your son who died on that cross for my sins . Thank you for sending someone to tell me about you . Your word has totally changed my life and way of thinking ,Thank you . Father please be with each and ever person as they go about their way today . Thank You and I Love You I Ask These Things In Your Name, AMEN

I was speaking to John C. at the football game Friday night and he suggested that we use these blogs for seeking out prayer request . So if you have any prayer request please send them to me in a comment and i will post them at the start of each day . Then i could say i was writing something worth reading . Thank you all for taking the time to read these blogs . Please invite someone to church and tell them about God that just might be what they need to hear .

God Bless, Have a Wonderful Day


Philip said...

Jackie, I am so glad you have a heart for Christ. All of us ought to have the passion that you show in your writings.

Jeb said...

Passion? I call that on fire. Thanks for the blog. I amen your amen. And I am glad Philip thinks you have a heart. Maybe it is brains you don't have. Kidin. Thanks for the good reading I always look forward to read what you ahve to say.