Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What A Good Time

I do not know where to start . I will start with saying thanks to everybody that came to the Lead Slingers first annual deer camp ( Mike, Jessi, Jeb, John , Randy , Phillip , Jason ,Clarance, Conner(hunter) , Conner ,Mason, and John (Mike's dad) . We had a good time and plan on doing it again next year . We ate well and the kids had a good time and that is what is important . I hope we can get a few more kids there next year .

We did not kill any deer this year . The only lead we slung was at a poor empty soda can . I would like to report that we have some pretty good shots in this camp . Conner ( hunter), Mike, and John were the only three to shoot at the can and i am glad to report they all hit it . We seen several deer manly doe a couple of small bucks . We had deer steak ,beans,and potato for supper Saturday night . Jeb was our camp cook,Thank You Jeb . The kids all had fun playing in the fire ( no one got hurt) .

Now here are just a few things just off the wall . We had a white tent set up and Phillip wanted to know if that was a piece of the ice berg that the Titanic hit . We listened to the Greenwood and alma game Friday and part of the Arkansas game Saturday and then Jessi's truck battery went dead . Jason made very interesting loading his four wheeler . Dry cedar burns faster than gas . We went through a lot of cedar Friday night and then we cut some real wood Saturday . I think a few people even pooped in the woods . Can i say pooped???????? Long story short we all had a great time . Thanks to all the wives who stayed at home and took care of the kids . Say a prayer for Keelie she has not been feeling so good .

God Bless, Hope You Have A Great Day

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Philip said...

I for one had a great time! I appreciate those that were kind enough to invite me to this event. We had a blast. Didn't God make a great world in which we can enjoy?