Friday, November 7, 2008


Hey , i wanted to let everyone know that my mother in-law fixed me breakfast last night for supper . She fixed biscuits , gravy , ham , and pancakes . What a great mother in -law !!! Guy's we need to be very thankful for mother in-laws that love to help their kids . There are parents out there that really believe when you leave their house you are on your on and their part of being your parent is over with . I hope that all made since . What i am trying to say here this morning i believe i have the greatest and loving mother in-law and i do not mind letting everybody know . If there were more mothers like Nita this world would be a better place . She must have learned this from someone . That someone would be her mom . Nita passed her loving and caring on to her daughters . Thank YOU Nita for everything . God has blessed me !!!!!

Man i can not say enough about this family . I would have to sit here all morning if i wanted to let you know what a wonderful family they are . I would like to say Thank You Gran for everything you do for me and the girls . Keelie my youngest daughter can not get enough of her gran and pa pa . I will stick with the women today . If i get started on the men ,i will never leave here . I would also like to say that Jana is good sister in -law . I say this because she has my little buddy Cameron . No , that is not the only reason . She is just like the rest of the women in this family . She is there for you when you need somebody and always has what is best for others on her mind . Jana is still in the process of learning how to cook like the other three but Jason and Cameron are not going hungry . Just kidding , we always tease her about not being able to cook . Thank You Jana !!!

I would like to say what a wonderful wife i have . I have NO complaints about her . She is truly the best wife a man could have ( sorry guys she is #1) . I know this because she has put up with me for about 13 years ( she has to be a good women ) . She always puts the girls and me before her self . You will never hear her complain about anything . She only speaks encouraging words . She is proof there is a God because he knew what i needed and blessed me with the best wife . I am not sure the words Thank You are strong enough . It seems like i love her more and more each day . We have a wonderful marriage and i thank God for her every day .What a Blessing she is !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You , I LOVE YOU , and YOU ARE THE BEST

Lets get this thing started !! Deer camp starts to night . We are going to have a good time . Jessi,John,Conner(AKA Hunter),Mike, and I went to wal-mart last night and bought some grub for camp . John , Mike , and Bob came over and sighted their guns in last night . Randy , Clarance , Jason ,my little buddy , and my self went and got ice for the food . I believe that Jeb and Phillip are coming down for supper Saturday night . What a great group of guys . I better get off here and head to work . Please remember to invite someone to church and thank God that we still are able to go out and enjoy the great outdoors ..........

God Bless ,Have a great day

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