Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day

I am glad it is Wednesday and the weekend can not get here fast enough . I am off the rest of this month so i guess it does not matter when the weekend gets here . Who said we had to work 5 days and off 2 . I wish we could have met in the middle or at least close to the middle . How nice would it be to work 4 and be off 3 every week ? I am not talking 4 ten hour days i am talking 4 eight hour days . I would like to meet the person who decided a work week was 40 hours . I know there are very few people who just works 40 hours . Most people work 45 to 50 hours a week . What would we do with all that extra time if we only worked 4 days a week ? I can think of a lot of things and i am sure you can too.

Hey , we are in the middle of hunting season and Thanksgiving is not that far away . Going hunting and eating well are two things i really enjoy doing . Not a whole lot on my mind this morning . I know what some of you are thinking , you got to have a mind before you can have something on it . You know you were thinking it !!!!!

God Bless, Have a wonderful day

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