Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Girls

I have two very wonderful girls . Dena had choir practice last night . Me and the girls just kinda hung out at the house . It was a great night we did not have to rush around at all . I set back and watched the two of them play . Allie is a great big sister . Some of you may know Keelie can be a pain . Some how that does not affect Allie she just goes on and has fun . It would have been nice if Dena could have been home with us . Most nights we are rushing around trying to finish up homework ,get a bath ,and get ready for bed . It is nice to just sit back and enjoy your kids . We all better enjoy them while we can . We know some day they will think staying home with us is not so fun . I would like to throw this out there for fun . Allie takes after her dad and Keelie takes after her mom . I know all of you would agree with that statement,Right!!!!

Who thinks that Florida will be our next National Champs ? Tell me your thoughts about this game . The Sooners better enjoy beating up on the Big 12 teams . I know this sounds like i am not a Sooner fan but i am . It gets old watching them make it to a bowl and lose year after year after year .Chuck once won a national championship by himself .The other team did not show up.

God Bless , Have a great day


Philip said...

I am not sure how the game is going to turn out. I think it will be a good game. I think Oklahoma better be able to run the ball or they will be in trouble. Florida will be subject to the same statement. But, I think Florida always has good athletes in their secondary, so it is a must that Oklahoma be able to run to open up their passing game. I think the team that is able to run the ball the best wins this game.

Mike said...

I'm going to think positive and say that I'm positive the sooners better bring everything they have to the table. It would be cool to see them win!