Friday, December 12, 2008


Now would that not be something , Jackie Dolan for mayor . How many people would laugh if i started putting up signs . I really could not run for mayor even if i wanted to . If i did do something like that i would not have any supporters other than the few friends i have . I still think it would be funny . It is kinda like the MasterCard commercial , Sign 100 dollars , buttons 100 dollars , and my old teachers and other people that knew me growing up ,the look on their faces Priceless . I can only imagine the things that people would say about me if i did something like that .

I told Pete Butler i was going to run for Mayor and he said " boy the only thing you ever ran from was the law " . Now , how would a guy get elected with rumors like that running around ? This is coming from a guy who knows and likes me( well i thought ) . What would the people who does not like me say ? NO comment from you MR. Baldwin !!!!!!!! Hey , that might be what a guy needs to be Mayor of Greenwood . List all the bad things you have done instead of the good things and then once you get elected continue your law breaking ways . What a job !!!!!!!!!

God Bless , Have a Wonderful Weekend


Philip said...

I love that quote..."The only thing you have ever run from was the law." You gotta love that.

Jeb said...