Thursday, December 11, 2008

? ? ?

What would it be like to live across the street from a friend who lived in a different time zone ? Would you go home at 9 by your time or by their time ? When would you go school ? What time does Micky D'S open ? I would be confused if i lived close to a time line . This is just something wanted you to think about .

Hey, i am going to run for mayor . I almost have all the qualifications to be mayor . I have not been out taking signs or stealing money from old ladies . I have not had my truck hauled off by the Repo guy . I do not plan on doing either one of these . I think my brother in law who works for a clothing company is going to rent the current mayor new uniforms . They are going to Orange Jump Suits for the first two days of the week and Black and White for the last three . THIS WAY HE CAN BE NOTICED @ 2:00 IN THE MORNING WHEN HE IS OUT DOING HIS JOB ( TAKING SIGNS OUT OF PEOPLE'S YARDS ) . This is a good mayor to take is time and go take signs in the early morning hours . I am not running for mayor i just joke about it all the time .
As my friend Phillip says be thankful we live in a free country . Be thankful we can worship God . Be thankful for friends and family . Be thankful for your job . Take the time and thank God for his son Jesus who climbed that hill knowing he was going to die for our sins . This is what Christmas is all about . Take the time to help someone who is less fortunate . Take the time to tell someone the Christmas Story .

God Bless, Have a great day


Mike said...

You are absolutely right, Christ is the reason for the season! and uh, oh yeah, JACKIE DOLAN FOR MAYOR!

Jeb said...

I think you wake up in a different time zone everyday. What kinda question is that? I agree with Mike Christ is the reason. And JACKIE FOR MAYOR.