Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tuff Times

We all know someone who has lost their job or someone who is sick . I do not understand why things like this must happen . We as Christians must keep the faith and not question Gods plan . This is easier said than done . It kills me when i hear of a kid with cancer or some other type of illness . I hate to hear of people losing their job .

Here is my thoughts ! I am very thankful for my families health ( i know that could change any day ). I very thankful that i still have a job ( i also know this could change any day ) . I pray that neither one of these change . I also know that Jesus died on the cross for my sins so that i could have eternal life . That is what we must stay focused on . Again , easier said than done . I have not been put in any of these positions and i start each and every day by thanking God for my families health and my job . I believe health of our youngsters and jobs are heavy on all our hearts . So please continue to pray for everybody's health and their jobs . My kids and wife's health is the most important thing to me .

I sure hope our new president can change this steady down fall we are in . I really do not see anything changing soon . We bailed out people who already showed they do not know how to run their business . They continue to hand out big bonuses . We the working people are paying for the big bail outs . Our leaders refuse to let the rich feel what it is like to lose their job and wonder what they are going to do to make ends meet . So , the GOVERNMENT decides lets take from the working people to make sure that the rich stays rich . Yeah , that sounds like a great plan . I bet some factory worker probably came up with that plan . What , you do not believe that ? Whether we want to admit it or not we are living in a socialist country . I believe the bail out is all the proof we need . Take from the working class to make sure the rich does not lose anything . I do not see are Government taking from the rich to help the working class people who lost their jobs . Are they bailing out all the little business's who are closing their doors . As Bill Jordan ( The Realtree Guy) says the proof is in the pudding . To me the bail out is the truth . I have lost all faith in our government no matter what party is in their . Our government needs a complete overhaul . Maybe our new president can make a change .

God Bless, Pray for our country and our leaders

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