Monday, February 9, 2009

Camping Trip

I plan on having a camping trip sometime in March . If anyone is interested let me know by leaving me a comment or calling me @ 252-0166 . My thoughts are we could take our kids out and have a little fun . I think there would be enough so we could do some skeet shooting , hiking , shooting (22's) . I think it would be a lot of fun . It might even give mom a little break . Hey , even if you do not have kids you are still welcome to come along and have a good time . We all know the JCBUNCH loves to eat . So it is a gimme that we will eat well . Hope to here from you .

God Bless ,

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Mike said...

Sign me and Connor up to go. Is this a family camp or a Dad and Kids camp? The only weekend I can't go is the weekend of 14th. We are going out of town to my grandmothers birthday party in Oklahoma City.