Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It just amazes how different two kids can be . They even came from the same parents . Allie and keelie are as different as March and October . Allie being like October calm , peaceful , and easy going . Keelie being like the March winds , not sure what you are going to get from day to day . I enjoy both of my girls they are a lot of fun . Keelie must have taken after her dad because i can not see Dena being that way . Yeah , i know it is hard to believe that i could have been a mean little kid . Like i said , i enjoy both of them and thank God for them everyday before i leave the house . Kids are a gift from God !! I have less hair now that i have kids . Take the time to enjoy your kids why they are little . There will be a day when they think hanging out with you is not so cool . I know it can be tough if this mach ten world we are leaving in .

God Bless ,

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