Saturday, February 14, 2009


Who is the greatest QB of all time ? Joe Montana is my pick ! I believe him and John Elway were real close . Then we have to mention Dan Marino and Jim Kelly . How about Johnny U and Troy ?

Please , do not suggest Brett Farve in the top 5 or even close . This guy leads the NFL in INT'S . I think he took way to many chances when all he had to do was toss the ball out of bounds . Then last year with all that junk about how he was going to retire . If he would have done what the greats done and just simply say thank you and walk away . That is how you know you have something special when you can look at yourself and say " i have lost a little and it is time for me to move on " .

I get tired of hearing all these guys say " i done " and then a couple of weeks later they are with another team . I wish they would just tell the truth and say i am not sure and move on . I also wish a contract was still a contract . If you sign a deal for 5 mil a year that should be what you receive each year for 5 years . None of this going and asking for more money because you had a few good years . Signed contract should be exactly that . I feel so bad for the players who says we ONLY made a couple of million last year . When i hear this i automatically stop and say a little pray for them and hope they can make ends meet . No, I am just kidding !!!!!!!!

How about A -ROD ? How about Joe ? What about Manny ? Baseball is getting close . I think i heard your phone ring .

God Bless, have a great day

How many looked at your phone or listened for it ? I know there had to be atleast one person .

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Philip said...

I was a big Roger Staubach fan growing up. Ah, the old days.