Thursday, August 26, 2010


Something has went wrong here. I am not sure what has happened. I do not have a lot on my mind about being Mayor. I think I could bring a lot to the table. I would help make the cities largest Ice cream sundae. Wait somebody has beat me to that. I would not steal money from people . I think you have to be able to do that and some how get away with it. I could probably find someone help pick up a few signs, I don't like. We would have to pick these signs up after everybody has gone to bed. I really do have the right to take these signs . That is why I waited until 1:00 AM to come get them. That is what i would tell the cops if i got caught. Wait, that has been done also . I could loose my rights to practice law and run for mayor and win. Wait , that has been done also. I really don't have the right to practice law. I really can not be Mayor because I live in the county. Hey, maybe I could get them to put my house in the city long enough to allow me to run for Mayor. I think that has been done also. I think I will stick with living in the county and enjoy not messing with things like voting for Mayor. The MAYOR has done some good things for the town. I really can not say he has done a bad job. I think I want to be VICE - Mayor of the county division. Yes ,Vice Mayor of the county division. Vote Dolan 2010 Vice -Mayor of the county division. Thanks In advance for your vote.

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