Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feed Up

How do you know when enough is enough . It is getting pretty close to being enough . I am so tired of our government taking from the working people . I do not mind helping people that want to be helped and try to help themselves . What in the world is going on in this country ? There is people buying in to all this garbage . Here is just a few things i have heard in the past week .I make more drawing unemployment, i draw more on mental disability than i would if i was making 8.50 a hour " so why work " , i have four kids i can not afford to work , i do not want to get married i will keep living with him because if we get married they will take our welfare check , i hear people that actually agrees with " What is our presidents name " and his new insurance garbage . We are ready pay for those people who do not have insurance and it is called the ER . You can not be refused service at the ER .

My heart goes out to those that have lost their job . I know unemployment helps a lot of people . I am just saying that our government is already taking enough from the working people . They make it to easy for people to get on disability . So now they want to take more from us now . I hope this is not taking in the wrong way . I do not mind helping people at all that is what God's word tells us to do . There is to many people sitting out there that could be working but will not because our government makes it easy to stay at home . Before this president is done he will have convinced everybody to send their checks to him and he will give us what he wants and i believe there is people out there that would do that .

I would like to say that i do not disagree with everything our president has done and is doing . He is our president " i did not choose him " . He is doing some good things . There were some things Bush done that i did not agree with .

I could go on and on about this but there are people waiting on this computer .